Prince (Blue Moon Rising, Book II)

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PRINCE - Medieval Fantasy- YA Novel

  • By Bonnie Watson
  • January 2012
  • Pages: 366
  • ASIN: B006X28PPG | ISBN 13: 0000000000000 (Print Coming Soon)

After uncovering the truth behind his secretive upbringing, Keith returns to the human realms to restore harmony between his kind and those they once protected. To do so, he must first find a location to work from in order to gain the trust of humans, and what better way than becoming a prince of an abandoned clan centrally located in the Realm of Trully.

Yet running a clan is no easy task, especially if the last person who owned it still lives in town, and the surrounding clans won't work together because of that fact. To make matters worse, a runaway childhood friend suddenly shows up, along with his half-brother. Both have their own reasons for coming, though none of it helps with the steadily expanding storm forming the Dark Unicorn's territory to the north.

Meet a half-breed Black Wing caught in the clutches of an alchemist, who wields a power he hopes will make him the magic-user he has always wished to be; a runaway girl searching for a way out from an arranged marriage; a Healer seeking to destroy the very foundation which lead to the division of his people; and two sister unicorns: one Pure and one Dark.

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