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About the Series

Originally started back in 1995, Wisdom Novels was a mere concept of characters thrashing through an unknown land and trying to stop a growing Darkness. Where this Darkness came from was a mystery. It wasn’t until after a series of short story attempts did an antagonist begin to emerge - and a hero was born.

Following an art progress, the story started out using animal characters. Now, with myself being an illustrator, I was not satisfied with just using animals. That was especially true while studying the figure at VCU and graduating with a BFA. I knew I wanted more, and more came the longer I worked on the project. 


Blue Moon Rising Trilogy - VISIT THE BOOKSTORE
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The first three books in the series. It follows the footsteps of a young man who must discover what he is in order to stop a growing Darkness caused by the first Black Unicorn.

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Kindle version available for short stories. Most of which are fun and unrelated to the main storyline. Other genres may be explored besides Medieval Fantasy. Please CLICK HERE TO VIEW AVAILABLE STORES

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Companion art book that corresponds to the Wisdom Novels series, combining both digital and traditional pieces into a colorful arrangement of characters and the world they live in.

Red Moon Rising Trilogy - to be written
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The second trilogy in the series that will unleash the true enemy behind the Darkness, and stir up an adventure that involves the great Elemental Masters themselves.

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Currently, we have a Western Short available for download. Book One "Wisdom" is in the works to become the next audio book. The release date will not be until mid 2015


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Discover semi-realistic art pieces created just for the series. Take home some imagination!

"Take the Ticket" from short story Mierna & the Circus of Mysteries

A snort was the first warning. The second was a hoof kicking out, nearly missing the man’s kneecap. Muscles rippled beneath a thick coat as it started to push itself upright. A toss of the head drew attention to those hefty antlers, but Nathan was already in defense mode. In no time, he had cocked his smaller crossbow and snapped a bolt into place. Before the stag could fully rise, an arrow shot into into its left eye. With a startled cry, it thrashed a moment more before the combined wounds sent it back down to its knees. After a moment, only labored breaths could be heard.

“Like I said.” He pulled a dagger from his belt and tromped over to it. “Ain’t that smart.” A deep thrust into its neck finally stilled the animal. 

Windchester watched him remove the two bolts with a sigh. “You wouldn’t be saying that if you met a Rubark bear. Even if you shot out both eyes, it would still take more than a dagger to stop it.” 

“You’re just saying that ’cause you didn’t think I’d win the kill.” 

“I’m saying it to protect you,” Windchester said in a stern tone. “You’ve only just begun to see things in this land, but pride makes a blind man see all. I hope you prove me wrong.”

“Would be no different,” Nathan muttered, then stepped back to admire his trophy. “Patience. Stealth. A keen ear. That’s it. I don’t require anything else. No special gear.” He patted his large crossbow. “Does the job every time.” 

Windchester crossed his arms and lifted an eyebrow in irritation. He then cleared his throat and looked elsewhere when the Trapper started cutting into the stag’s thick coat. “Your confidence in human-made contraptions is your own demise. You’d never get that thing loaded in time to save your own neck, let alone anyone else’s. If a Rubark bear attacked this very instant, you’d cease to exist.”

“That’s your perception, Healer.” Nathan continued cutting away, peeling away the skin enough for Windchester to turn away completely. “You’re suggesting something larger than this,” he pointed the tip of his dagger at the carcass, “could come out of hiding and not go unheard? Not possible.” 

What are Healers?

A Healer is a shape-shifter who takes on animal forms, depending on what element it has chosen. While actual healing abilities are limited to certain elements, Healers are hands-down the masters of magic, are fairly social beings but stubborn beings!

There are four basic elements: Fire, Air, Earth, and Water. These elements are what comprise the magic within Nature. And yet a Healer is born with no bond to Nature whatsoever. To become One with it, they must first accept one of its elements, and has the option to purge all magic in order to change over to a different element – but can only change up to three times.

The Great Elemental Masters

Throughout history, Nature has controlled the seasons wiithout the need of Healers. But times change. Now, these three masters have been selected for their powerful talents to help balance out what Nature has done for millennium.

To become a master of the elements, one must be "reborn." Once reawakened, their connection to Nature intensifies. Energy does not burn out as quickly as regular Healers.

Masters cannot die, unless Nature no longer needs them. When death does come, they are simply regenerated to the level they left off. This, however, may not be possible due to the growing Darkness infesting the land, sucking away at Nature's energy needed for regeneration.

EDIT: I've been rethinking this and I think theses masters ARE their actual element, making it impossible for them to die until the Darkness affects their abilities.

How Many Story Ideas Have You Come Up with, or Plan to Write ~

Too many to count! But here's a link to some of the novels, short stories, poetry, etc. that I had on the old site:

Do I Plan to Write Something Different Afer Wisdom Novels?

So far, here are the titles so far: a short story series called "Weapons Casters" with the first complete "A Partner in Crime" (audio book now), sci-fi "Time Keeper", and sci-fi "Soul-Shifter".

Wisdom Beginning Click Here for

Amazon Reviews

"There is just non stop action, couldn't put the book down, I finished it in one sitting. Detail, detail, detail, just love it."

J. Reason

"...interesting world building and it comes close to the classic nature of The Lord of the Rings."


"Anyone who has ever tried to keep track of a James Clavell novel will have no issue with WISODOM's medium level of character interweaving."


"This novel - the second in a series - fulfills its obligation to the fantasy world by being thoroughly precise, textually engrossing, and most importantly magical."


"There is a fair bit of action throughout the novel. Also the classic battles between good and evil are present. And did I mention I love unicorns?"

Melissa Greenberg

"I would think, "I will just finish this chapter and call it a night." Two or thee chapters later I would realize I passed where I planned to stop."

Victoria Trout