Meet the Artist

Bonnie Watson
Digital / Traditional Illustrator

I’m very happy working with both digital and traditional mediums. Many art pieces that emerge are inspired by the different stories I continuously write. Currently, I am working on a medieval fantasy series called Wisdom Novels®. My first trilogy was complete as of January 2016, Blue Moon Rising Trilogy and the next in line is Red Moon Rising Trilogy. 

No’va marks the fourth book in the series, and is my current project. You can check progress in the project list (in the main menu above) to see which chapter I’ve updated.


New Character Doll ~ Savannah Swift – Master of Wind


A Brief History
Bonnie attended Virginia Commonwealth University until she became familiar with the different digital computer programs (Photoshop being an all-time favorite), and picked up the Wacom Tablet. She’s been working diligently with it ever since.

After graduating in 2005 with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts, she went into Graphic and Web Design while continuing her love for illustrating book covers and other crazy creations on the side.  Some of her latest works have been featured in the magazine ImagineFX and as book covers: River Passage, Never Alone, A Neighbor of Love, and Montezuma’s Revenge – to name a few.

Her collection of “How-to” art books by various favorite artists (Gary Lippincott, Jessica Peffer, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law) continues to grow, and serves as an inspiration to the never-ending ideas that seem to come alive on screen.